Glenn Five Lashes Back At Robb Reiner

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Former Anvil bassist Glenn Five has lashed back after drummer Robb Reiner compared his departure from the band to cancer surgery.

Five quit in 2012 after 15 years and later described Reiner and frontman Lips Hudlow as “grumpy old men” who made him feel expendable despite his long-term loyalty.

The drummer recently told Geeks Of Doom that Anvil were much happier with new member Sal Italiano, and said of the lineup change: “There was no real transition; we had cancer surgery and we were saved.”

Now Five says: “What Mr Reiner doesn’t realise is that he isn’t insulting me – he’s insulting the thousands of fans, hundreds of peers, and dozens of close friends of Anvil who, over the years, have told me they loved my contribution to the band.

“Shame that he has disrespected the fans and the band in such a manner just to save face with himself. Saying my departing was like the band had ‘cancer surgery’ just shows me how juvenile and idiotic he really is. I left – I wasn’t removed.”

The bassist points out that he co-wrote seven albums during his time with the band, and says Reiner refuses to acknowledge the fact.

He continues: “I have no regrets staying in Anvil for so long, but every day I thank my lucky stars that I left, and I don’t have to spend another minute with people who never appreciated my contribution.

“For the whole time I was in the band I received admiration and respect from everyone around me – except the two people I was doing it with.”

And he adds: “Lips told me many times for many years that if Anvil gets another shot at success, Robb will screw it up again with his arrogance, just like he did in the 80s. From what I hear as of late, and of all the letters of support I’ve received, Lips was right!”

Anvil will release their 15th studio album, Hope In Hell, next month.


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