Lin-Ear PR20 Music earplug

Drummers Go pro to guard your hearing

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

ProGuard Hearing Protection, a leading supplier of custom fit solutions for music, industrial and sporting applications, recently announced the release of the Lin-Ear PR20 – a universal fit music earplug that will allow users to listen to loud music in critical and social situations without compromising audio quality or risk of hearing damage.

The Lin-Ear PR20 Music earplug features a re-useable 19dB linear attenuation filter that fits neatly into soft flexible silicon eartips (two sizes available, standard and small) that provide comfort and durability even after long periods of use. Fitting deep into the ear canal the earplug is discreet and has no protrusion allowing the user to wear headphones or other types of headwear if required. Specifically designed for musicians, DJs, sound engineers, concert-goers and music enthusiasts, the Lin-Ear PR20 will enable the user to listen to loud music in perfect clarity, yet maintain the live atmosphere without risking hearing damage. The PR20’s advanced membrane technology acoustic filter will provide natural undistorted sound with minimal occlusion effect that’s often associated with earplugs. The vented design of the Lin-Ear allows the trapped sound to escape through the acoustic filter as if your ear was open, leaving you with the most natural sound available. With an RRP of £14.99, ProGuard Hearing Protection’s Linear PR20 provides a quality yet cost effective solution to protecting your ears without compromise.

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