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Drummer Dani Crivelli Dies

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Drummer Dani Crivelli, who played with the Swiss metal band Krokus from 1987-1989, has passed away. The band revealed his death in a statement on their web site on Sunday (April 21).

Crivelli played in a band called Ain’t Dead Yet with fellow Krokus members Many Maurer and Tony Castell before joining Krokus in 1987.

The drummer performed on the ‘Heart Attack’ album in 1988, then embarked on a tour with the group that included North America. Directly after the tour that lineup of Krokus split, with Marc Storace and Fernando Von Arb leaving, while Crivelli participated in a new lineup that was short-lived and produced no new material.

The group’s statement reads:

We are saddened to report to you that our ex-Krokus drummer Dani Crivelli passed away. Our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.

Also a native of Solothurn, Switzerland, Dani joined Krokus in 1987, replacing Jeff Klaven. You can listen to him on the band’s 1988 Heart Attack release that included Krokus staples like “Rock’n’Roll Tonight” and “Wild Love”. He always kept in contact with the band over the years. We liked his straight forward, but true words about music and life. He will be missed but will keep on drumming in Rock’n’Roll heaven!

No cause of death has been announced.


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